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UPA offers cost-effective construction site security.  UPA officers secure, protect, and patrol construction sites and facilities deterring unwanted visitors, vandalism, and theft. We develop strategic security plans that include highly trained unarmed or armed security officers, construction site security officers, or undercover security officers, to significantly reduce internal and external theft and other losses.  Read More


UPA is focused on the safety and security of students, staff, faculty, and guests of schools. Our school security professionals can provide a program to fit your budget and tailor a plan to enhance the safety of all the students and staff. It is our desire to create peace of mind for parents and the public.  Read More


UPA provides event security services, including professional event security personnel, consultation, and celebrity protection for large-scale events such as trade shows, concerts, outdoor festivals, and sporting events, as well as for smaller-scale gatherings such as shareholder meetings and conferences. Protection is focused on controlled entry, security searches, crowd management, and theft prevention. UPA analyzes each unique engagement independently and will develop a plan based on the needs of the client.  Read More


UPA knows that financial facilities require a high level of security requiring the utilization of a specialized and experienced approach and procedures that safeguard your facility. UPA has knowledgeable and fully trained officers that will protect the assets and employees of your institution.  Read More


UPA provides hotel security services.  In addition securing your property our officers will make your guests feel welcome and safe. Hotel security combines many of the security challenges inherent in commercial, residential and retail environments. UPA Officers are trained to balance between customer service and their protection duties.  Read More


Houses of Religious Worship are more crowded than they have been in past years. Radicals and hate groups have targeted churches, synagogues, mosques, and kingdom halls where large numbers of people gather for services. UPA can safeguard houses of religious worship. Our officers are highly qualified, knowledgeable, and able to handle any potential threat.  Read More


UPA provides highly qualified officers to perform specialized duties at government facilities, ensuring the safety and security of government assets, agency personnel, and civilian contractors. We provide protection for all types of government organizations and agencies.  Read More


UPA provides security services to the healthcare industry. Our services range from hospital security and campus patrol to security escort programs for visiting nurse organizations and hospice teams. We support and assist healthcare organizations in various capacities to improve the security and safety of patients, staff, and visitors leading to increasing your overall service effectiveness.  Read More


Whether your needs require one or more security officers UPA can protect all industrial facilities including manufacturing plants, processing facilities, distribution facilities, international mail sort facilities, and transportation terminals. Our security professionals understand that in your industry, ensuring all facilities are safe and secure is vital to running a successful and profitable business.  Read More


We provide dependable uniformed officers in full law enforcement-style mobile vehicles and conduct a thorough patrol of your Parking lot. This proves beneficial to clients who don’t need full-time on-site security officer. We design internal and external patrol routes, carried out randomly, so that the pattern of patrols remains ambiguous for all unwanted visitors to your parking lot.  Read More


UPA experts are here to help you keep your building and community safe and secure. UPA is experienced at providing residential security services to apartments, condos, HOA, co-ops, and other residential communities. We understand how important it is to implement security measures that protect your residents and their property while maintaining an atmosphere that is appropriate for residents, visitors, and service providers.  Read More


UPA provides retail security services for each aspect of the retail business focusing on loss prevention at store locations, distribution centers, and protection within corporate offices. UPA Officers are trained to help reduce inventory loss and to provide your customers with additional confidence and assistance. Each environment requires a different strategy and a tailored solution from uniformed officers and electronic surveillance cameras to undercover patrolling officers.  Read More

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